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 “Creativity takes courage”- Henri Matisse

Creativity: Our stories

The power of creativity has long been considered unmeasurable and perhaps, as a result, underestimated. However, the evidence has never been more compelling for establishing the role of the arts in healthcare and as a way of promoting mental health for all. Through a variety of workshops psychART have been exploring the role of creativity in wellbeing for mental health professionals and the role of creative expression as a cathartic process.

All too often we neglect our own wellbeing and underestimate the fact that self-expression takes courage. Those with lived experience of mental health difficulties have throughout history sought solace in the creative arts. We also feel it is vital that as clinicians we create a space to reflect, emotionally debrief, rejuvenate and understand ourselves, to best serve those we want to support.

Empathy lies at the core of good patient care, allowing us to walk alongside a patient on their journey through illness and recovery. However can we truly step into ‘their’ shoes, and they in to ‘ours’? What is your experience? What is your story? How can expression and exploration of this help us create a common dialogue and way to share ‘our stories’.

We're looking for pieces of artwork surrounding the theme of "Creativity: Our stories", exploring your experiences in, or of, medicine and mental health and creativity, in all its possible forms. This may have taken the form of cathartic self-expression, an attempt to reflect upon a personal journey or a shared experience.

Photography, painting, sculpture, poetry, video, music and other modalities are all welcome.

Deadline for submissions: 5 pm on 22nd October 2018



Poster Abstracts

We are looking for 250 word abstracts for posters on: healthcare interventions using arts-based therapies, arts-based medical education initiatives, psychiatry and the arts, and medical humanities. We would encourage you to think creatively about drawing from a wide range of topics and types of research to present at this national conference. Posters might be drawn from a research project, a Special Study Module project, an elective experience, audits, or quality improvement projects.

Deadline for submissions: 5 pm on 22nd October 2018

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Conference 2018

psychART 2018 Conference was on Friday 23rd November. For more info visit our event page clicking here


Please stay tuned for dates of upcoming events.

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