psychART 2017



From left: Clara Bellesiotis, Michelle Eskanazi, Charlotte Cliffe, Lucy Blake, Rosie Sedgwick, Rachel Proctor, Will Marsh


Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych), South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM), The Maudsley Training Programme, The Maudsley Charity, British Medical Association (BMA), Medical Defence Union (MDU).  



“Really affirmed the beauty of the arts and the power of the arts in understanding the human condition. This was such a joyful and life affirming conference!”

“It has shown a more holistic approach to being a psychiatrist. It has shown it is more than just prescribing medication but there are a range of therapies that can be used.”

“It's made me more open to choosing psychiatry as I love the arts and it seems like a great way to incorporate them.

“It has showed me how I can use my passion in arts into medicine which I haven't considered before.”

“The real narratives of psychiatrists who have had so many opportunities to explore the arts were really inspiring!”

“I'm new to the art side of psychiatry and never considered it's role within psychiatry for patients- but also for doctors.”

“Showed me a range of incredible things I could do and how I can balance life and art with science.”

“Really inspiring talks during the "Pecha Kucha" section showing that psych can be diverse and flexible.”

“Today has convinced me more that medicine isn't the end of living my life”

“it was so inherently creative- something that needs/is being utilised. Great day- creativity is SO SO powerful- amazing to see it being pushed...”

“Great to see a flexible approach and the way in which psychiatrists are bringing creativity into their clinical practice.”

“GP considering a switch to psychiatry-inspirational day!”


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Conference 2018

psychART 2018 Conference was on Friday 23rd November. For more info visit our event page clicking here


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